Fall Wishlist

Since I can remember, I’ve always preferred colder weather. Every time fall rolls around, I snuggle in with warm drinks, thick scarves, chunky boots and layers upon layers of clothes. The weather in Nashville has finally started to cool down and I’m already excited about bringing out my coats and black tights. This fall, I’m looking forward to adding a few items to my stash of ‘stuff’ and I thought I would share my lust (emphasis on the ‘unattainable’ aspect) list.


What are some items on your list for the fall?

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A Letter to October

Dear October,

September has been so terrifying but wonderful at the same time… I loved how happy I felt. I loved how sad I felt. I loved every moment of it. It was as if I finally found interest in the moment. It was as if I was finally alive. New people have walked into my life and the past that August dug up finally shrunk into the corner of my mind. Isn’t it wonderful, October? That out of the seven billion people on Earth, you’re destined to meet just a select few? I like to think it’s fate…

September was a great but tiring month. It brought ambition, jealousy, work, and much needed introspection. Looking at myself with critical eyes has been difficult. I always knew, but it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that I will never be as selfless, intelligent, passionate, and loving as I hope to be. October… I know I’m critical, stubborn, extreme, covetous, and cold… But I’m trying my best to become a better version of myself every day. Could you please tell me that I’m doing well?

I really loved September… But dearest October, you have always been my favorite month. You bring autumn, nostalgia, cold, warmth, and security. Would it be too greedy for me to ask for more from you? Has September been too good to me?

I am scared of you, October. I’m worried that you will bring up the past that I have tried to forget. I’m worried that you will treat me as you did last year, making me stay up and wait for nothing. If I think of the countless days I spent staring at the clock, waiting for some kind of answer, I feel like crying. I say that I’m over it October, but deep inside, I know I will never really be… But I know that I can move on, October. I know that I can try to patch up with the better memories and better people that you will bring this year. Tell me October, tell me that I can trust them. Tell me that it won’t just be me romanticizing and believing in everything.

Please October, promise me it will be different this year. Promise to be good to me. I say that I want to know the truth, but if it hurts, please tell me to cover my ears. I say that I want to put my whole heart forward, but if you know it will break, please tell me now so that I can close my eyes and stop before I fall too deep.
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Tea Tree Oil – The Solution to Everything?

I’ve always enjoyed using tea tree oil products – tea tree oil shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser, masks. You name it, I’ve tried it. I love the tingly feeling that tea tree oil gives and it always leaves me feeling super refreshed. Although I really enjoy tea tree oil products, I had never tried real tea tree oil until a while ago when Apothecary Extracts sent me a huge bottle of their Pure Tea Tree Oil. Since then, I’ve been playing around with it and slowly integrating it into my skin care routine.


As you can see, the product comes in a really hefty tinted brown bottle that keeps the oil from oxidizing and loosing all of its goodness. It’s a miracle product that works in a multitude of ways, but it’s especially great for your skin since it has natural anti-viral properties that help kill and fight off bacteria.

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Comparing Japanese Waterproof Mascaras – Kiss Me and Fairy Drops

I used to be absolutely horrified of mascaras. I felt like they would make my lashes stick together, weigh my eyes down, and run in black streaks down my face the moment water hits. I avoided mascaras like the plague and never even attempted to test out free mascara samples.

Enter: Waterproof Mascaras

When I went back to Korea this summer, I laid my eyes on Fairy Drops Platinum Waterproof mascara. In its girly pink packaging, it was begging for me to buy it. Of course, it also happened to be on sale, so I gave in and decided to give this mascara a shot. One application (and a day full of humidity and sweat) later, I was absolutely in love. This mascara not only lengthened and separated my lashes, but it also felt weightless and stayed on without budging a bit.

I was officially over my mascara-phobia and wanted to try out more. I decided to purchase the ever-so-popular Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Waterproof Mascara and immediately fell in love with it as well.

I’ve had amazing luck with these mascaras so far and wanted to share more information about them with you guys. As you guys might know, Japanese mascaras are known to be amazing and it can be a bit daunting to choose one out of so many. So, in this post, I wanted to compare my two waterproof mascaras and rate their performance for you guys. I’ll be testing and sharing how well they lengthen/volumize my lashes and stay put in watery-circumstances (through a cry-test).

Waterproof Japanese MascarasKiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl MascaraFairy Drops Platinum Waterproof Mascara

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Heat.Humidity.Sweat-Proof Summer Makeup

Seoul, Korea is an absolutely perfect place for a college student looking for city-fun. Seoul is a super modern, technological city jam-packed with shops, restaurants, bars, and cute cafes. Although I absolutely love Korea and all it has to offer, I hate it’s summer weather. Being that Korea is a peninsula, the summers are hot and humid, perfect for shiny foreheads and melty foundation. Also, once monsoon season is in full swing, I can guarantee you that your mascara will be running down your face.

That being said, over the past few summers, I think I’ve been able to master the art of heat-humidity-and-sweat-proof summer makeup that will last throughout the day with minimal touchup. This summer-proof makeup look is super simple and makes use of long-wearing and waterproof/water-resistant products that are sure to stay put.

summer makeup

For the past year, my favorite primer has been the Hourglass Cosmetics Veil Mineral Primer and I use it on an everyday basis. It leaves a smooth, satin-powder-like finish on my skin that helps control oil and really grip the foundation into place. I find that my foundation goes on so much smoother and lasts a lot longer with this primer.

For my base, instead of an all-over foundation, I’ve been mixing the smallest amount of my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation with a pinhead amount of my Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer to create the perfect shade of super-full-coverage concealer. I use a thin layer of this just in the places where I need it and smooth it on quickly with my fingers. To brighten up under my eyes, I’ve been using the Missha Under Eye Brightener. It’s not the most amazing under eye concealer, but for about three dollars, you can’t get a much better product. Finally, to lock my base in place and keep my face matte, I’ve been using the Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder, which is perfect for people with combination-oily skin.

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Quick Makeup Using an “Air Puff”

Lately, I’ve been loving a new tool that’s all the rage in Korea – the ‘air puff’. The air puff is usually used with a cushion foundation, which is literally a compact that has a cushion inside which is soaked with foundation. Personally, I’m against the idea of trying out cushion foundations. Since a cushion foundation is a porous sponge that’s moist with product which you dab with a puff over and over again, it’s the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Add in the warm summer weather and you’ve got yourself a bacteria filled bomb. Having oily, acne-prone skin, I wouldn’t dream of using this product. However, I have been loving the air puffs that come with these cushion foundations. An air puff is different from a regular sponge in that’s it’s much more dense; it not only soaks up less product but also minimizes contamination.

I found that several makeup stores sell the puffs individually and decided to try one out. I find that the air puff makes applying thin layers of foundation so much easier and faster. When I’m not going for a full-coverage makeup look, I just dot a bit of foundation on my face and then blend it out by patting the puff. Using the air puff, I’m able to apply a really light layer of foundation and blend out my concealer perfectly and quickly.

On a daily basis, I’ve been using my air puff with my Makeup Forever Duo Mat Foundation and a bit of under eye concealer. Add a bit of powder and I’m ready to go.



How do you guys feel about cushion foundations? Have you tried them out? If so, have you ever tried using the puff with other foundations?

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Goodies from Japan

Last week, I went on a trip to Tokyo with my friend and had an amazing time. We visited a lot of different cultural sites as well as shopping districts and I ended up buying a few things. I picked up a lot of beauty goodies as well as random items that caught my eye. While I didn’t bring back any clothes, Tokyo is the place to go if you’re interested in purchasing unique styles of clothing. Next time I visit, I’ll definitely make sure to bring a bigger suitcase.

dolly wink

I’ve been wanting to try out Dolly Wink lashes for the longest time but they were just too expensive online. While they aren’t cheap in Japan either, they do cost a lot less than they do in other countries. From what I know, Dolly Wink lashes are designed by model Tsubasa Masuwaka and made by Koji, a Japanese cosmetics company.

There were a lot of different brands and types of lashes available in Japan but I decided to go for Dolly Wink as I have been eyeing them for a long time. I ended up purchasing lashes in the styles 1 Dolly Sweet, 9 Natural Dolly, 19 Sweet Lady, and 15 Pure Girl. Out of all the lashes, 1 Dolly Sweet is definitely the most glamorous and the rest are quite natural. I really love all the lashes I purchased and they’re super comfortable while still giving a sweet, fluttery look. I also really love that they have clear bands as it makes them look a lot more natural.

To go along with the lashes, I got clear lash glue as well as a cute case for my lashes. Of course, I also had to get their eyeliner that I had heard so much about. So far, I’ve been enjoying all the Dolly Wink products and I’ll definitely be writing up a post sometime soon that includes these products.


While shopping in Don Quijote, a discount chain store in Japan, I came across these bath salt-ish products. I can’t read Japanese so I didn’t exactly know what I was purchasing at the time, but after doing a bit of research online (google is seriously my best friend) I found out that these are bath salts in the Bihadu No Yu ‘Beautiful Skin’ selection from Kracie. This box has a selection of four different types of salts that each recreate a different Japanese onsen (hot spring). Japanese onsen are very popular and the minerals in the water are supposed to be beneficial for the skin, body, and mind. The four varieties in this box recreate the Ureshino Onsen (嬉野), Kitsuregawa Onsen (喜連川), Naruko Onsen (鳴子), and Ryujin Onsen (龍神). I found all this information from this great blog post <here>. If you’re interested in this product, be sure to check this post out! I’ll also be trying out all the packs and updating with a more informative post sometime soon.

Strolling through another beauty store, I saw a lot of nail art products. I wanted to bring back more polishes, but due to lack of space, I ended up choosing one light blue polish and white iridescent nail glitter. The nail polish swatch for this polish had a really interesting texture so I’m looking forward to trying it out. Not to mention, how can you resist the adorable Little Twin Stars packaging!?

Here, you can also see two adorable pairs of earrings that I picked up in Harajuku. The pineapple earrings actually ended up being clip-ons (which were extremely popular and all over Tokyo), but I’m planning to take them apart and put real earring backings on them.


What’s in my Carry On Bag – Long Haul Flight Edition

I’ve taken long haul flights on a regular basis since I was quite young. When my family lived in California, we made yearly visits to Korea; now since my family lives in Korea and I go to college in the States, I take trips back and forth for breaks.

I recently flew from Nashville to LA to Korea for summer break and haven’t unpacked my carry on bag yet, so I thought this was the perfect chance to show you guys what I brought with me.


I sleep on the plane so a neck pillow is a must for me. Mine has an elastic band on it so I just sling it onto the handles of my luggage bag. Also, since I tend to carry my laptop and iPad with me when I take long-haul flights, I use my backpack. I’ve had this Kipling backpack forever and it’s the perfect carry-everything-and-not-kill-your-shoulders bag for the airport.


In the front compartment, I have fuzzy socks (to keep my feet warm during the plane ride), my wallet, and my passport/tickets. I always keep all my documents in a little red case that I put in a safe, zippered area of my bag.


In my backpack, there is a padded compartment in the back where I keep my electronics.

Since I usually have long layovers between my two flights, I like to keep my laptop and iPad with me so that I have something to do. I keep my laptop in sleeve from Incase and my iPad has a Marc by Marc Jacobs case on it. Since I need my chargers with me, I keep all of them along with any other cords in a clear case so that they aren’t all over the place. Last but not least, I like to keep a book with me just in case I decide to not sleep on the plane (although 99% of the time, I’m dead asleep). Right now, I’m reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants.


In the main middle area of my backpack, I have everything else that I reach for during my plane ride. I like to keep everything together so I organize all of my smaller items into two pouches – a clear one for my liquids and a soft fabric one for anything else. I also have my headphones from Urban Ears and a fuzzy yellow blanket (it’s always freezing cold on the plane and the blankets they give out usually aren’t that warm).


I don’t keep too much in the fabric pouch. Here, I have an eye mask (that you can see on the way left in a black mesh pouch), a strawberry pouch with hair ties and pins, some gum, Airborne, my Make Up For Ever Duo Mat powder foundation, a retractable kabuki brush from Too Faced, cotton swabs to get off or put on any eye makeup, Boscia blotting linens, a pack of tissues, and a mirror.


♡1 Dior Addict Lip Glow in Coral (I’m not sure if the coral color is still available) ♡2 Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer ♡3 Lemon and Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Oil ♡4 L’Occitane Moisturizing Lip Balm in Mango Flower ♡5 Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow in 20E ♡6 L’Occitane Hand Cream in Mango Flower ♡7 Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes ♡8 L’Occitane Immortelle Essential Water ♡9 Origins Starting Over Age-Erasing Eye Cream with Mimosa ♡10 Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer ♡11 Purell Hand Sanitizer ♡12 Peter Thomas Roth Vitamin C Brightening Sleeping Mask ♡13 ASAP Clearskin Gel ♡14 Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed ♡15 Benefit Instant Brow Pencil ♡16 Mary Kay  Cream Eye Color in Apricot Twist ♡17 Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Cabo Coral (color no longer available) ♡18 Rohto Cool Eye Drops ♡19 Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream ♡20 Josie Maran Argan Oil Light ♡21 Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Continue reading