Products I’ve Used Up (Or Am Throwing Away) – Empties #2


Laline Exfoliating Body Soap in Ocean | Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo | Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream | Anatomicals You Need A Blooming Shower! Your Nose Smells Rose Body Cleanser

Laline Exfoliating Body Soap in Ocean – I enjoyed using it as a shower gel on a loofah but it wasn’t effective as an exfoliator because the grains in it were too small and soft. If you like gentle body scrubs, then this is for you. If you’re like me and like more gritty scrubs, then pass. I really want to try out their Body Scrub in the same scent (it smells super fresh just like the ocean) in hopes that it’ll be more exfoliating.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo – Hands down one of my favorite shampoos. It not only left my hair feeling squeaky clean and voluminous but also had a refreshing tingling feeling to it. Currently, I’m trying out a different shampoo from Paul Mitchell (which will probably be in my next empties), but I’m planning to come back to this one once I’m done.

Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream – My hair is actually pretty tame so I don’t really use styling products in it. I got this as a sample and while it made my hair smell divine, I didn’t really see any other benefits.

Anatomicals You Need A Blooming Shower! Your Nose Smells Rose Body Cleanser – I got this in a past Glossybox and it was alright. Just your standard shower gel. I thought the smell was okay, but if you don’t like rose scents, then stay away from this (it’s literally just pure rose).


Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat | The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Nail Remover in Lavender | Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleansing Cloths | Phyto Phytobaume Volume Express Conditioner | Sephora Express Cleansing Wipes | Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat – My favorite topcoat. I can never get a clean manicure when using a normal topcoat since I always somehow manage to smudge it before it’s dry. This topcoat makes my nails dry in just a couple minutes so that I can get on with life and not worry about my nails. It leaves a super-glossy finish and my manicure lasts for an average amount of time when I use this. I tend to change my nail color a lot so longevity isn’t really a problem for me. I really enjoy this and am already on my second bottle. The only downside to this product is that it does dry up and get thick quite quickly, but I’m alright with that.

The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Nail Remover in Lavender – A nail polish remover from the Korean cosmetic brand The Face Shop. It does a good job at removing my polish and it doesn’t smell as bad as other nail polish removers do. I wouldn’t run out to buy it, but it’s something I would stock up on if I happen to come across it.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleansing Cloths – I’m extremely picky about my face wipes and I ended up disliking these. I’ll be making a more in-depth post soon about the face wipes that I tried and my current favorite.

Phyto Phytobaume Volume Express Conditioner – I got a sample of this when I purchased something else online and was really looking forward to trying it out since I had heard so many good reviews on the Phyto brand in general. I felt like this conditioner wasn’t anything special and I really disliked the smell of it as well. Nothing I would look into trying again.

Sephora Express Cleansing Wipes – I actually like these makeup wipes (although they aren’t my favorite) and since it comes in a small pack of 10, it’s really nice to carry around in your makeup bag. If I’m out in the library for a long time and it’s late at night, I usually remove my makeup with these.

Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head - You need to replace your Clarisonic brush head every three months and this time around, I decided to try out the one for sensitive skin. I do like the one for acne (which is green) better but this one was nice as well. I’m currently using the acne brush head but I’ve bought a deep-cleansing (blue) brush head which I’ll be trying out next.


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For Clear Skin – EU Natural Clarity Vitamin C Serum

With the weather starting to warm up, I’ve been trying to put in extra effort into my skincare routine so that I don’t have to wear as much foundation. While I don’t have any active breakouts on my face anymore, my past acne has left me tons of presents called acne scars. I find that my skin doesn’t heal itself very well and even after a spot has gone away, the scar will stay for months and months. My post-acne scarring is something that I’m really self-conscious about so I’m always interested in any products or treatments that will help even out my skin.

Since I’m always on the lookout for products that help diminish discoloration, I was really excited when EU Naturals offered to send me a bottle of their Clarity Vitamin C Serum* to try out. I’ve heard so many positive things about vitamin C and a lot of people talk about how great it is for uneven skin tones, so I’ve been using it religiously and am looking forward to good results.


EU Natural is a brand based in California that sells premium beauty supplements, vitamins, and herbal solutions. All of their products are made in the USA following strict cGMP standards and are manufactured without the use of any extra fillers, binders, or excipients, so you can definitely trust their products.

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JINsoon Nail Polish – Blue Iris and Coral Peony


Since the weather started warming up, I’ve been looking for a cobalt blue nail polish, so when I came across JINsoon’s Blue Iris, I knew I needed it in my life. Blue Iris is actually JINsoon’s bestselling nail polish and I can definitely see why. The color is a perfect, electric cobalt blue and the finish is extremely glossy and gel-like. This nail polish dries very quickly and the formula is very smooth and easy to work with. I also think it lasted quite a good while on my nails. I took this photo three days after I first applied it and as you can see, it still looks nice with just a tiny chip on the bottom of my ring finger.

While I love this nail polish, I do have to say that there is one downfall – it’s slightly sheer so you need to build it up a lot to get an opaque blue; however, the color and finish is so beautiful that it’s definitely worth the extra couple minutes.


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March Wishlist


New In: Urban Decay, YSL, Nars…

Since the beginning of 2014, I’ve been going a bit makeup-crazy. I’m not one to wear a lot of makeup, but there’s something so magical about shiny new products. It’s definitely a bad habit I have to break and something that I’ll be working on in March. But for now, I thought it would be interesting to share what I got and tell you guys about my first impressions of a few of the products.


• MAKE UP FOR EVER Duo Mat Powder Foundation • INNISFREE No-Sebum Mineral Powder • MAC Blue Brown Pigment • PAUL & JOE Lipstick CS Rosebud + Case 014 • YVES SAINT LAURENT Volupte Sheer Candy Succulent Pomegranate • NARS x GUY BOURDIN Day Dream Blush •

I have a really bad addiction to … base makeup – foundation, BB creams, powders … My main reason for wearing makeup is definitely to cover up scars and discoloration, so I guess it’s a given that I really like trying out new face products.

I needed a new powder foundation that I could easily use on lazy days or to touch up, and I really like Make Up Forever’s liquid foundation, so I thought I would give their Duo Mat Powder Foundation a go. So far, I’ve been really liking it. It helps keep my makeup matte and covers well without giving me cake-face. I think it’ll be really great during the summer and warmer months when I tend to get a little bit more oily. I’ve liked it a lot during the winter as well, although I do have to say that it does cling to dry patches. However, it’s rare that I have really dry skin, so this powder has been working wonderfully. The same goes to the No-Sebum Mineral Powder. My friend went Korea during winter break and I asked her if she could bring this back for me. I’ve heard so many great things about this and some people even call it a dupe for the Make Up Forever HD Powder. I haven’t tried that powder, so I can’t really comment on that, but I do have to say that the InnisFree powder is really great. It’s super lightweight and since it’s translucent, it’s perfect for setting my makeup in the morning and touching up when I just need to get rid of shine. It’s a good powder, it’s in a cute, portable container, and it’s affordable. How much better can you get?

While I love base makeup and wear it on an almost-daily basis, I never really wore eye makeup. I have extremely uneven eyes so it’s always difficult to make it look ‘right’. But recently, I’ve started to venture out and decided to buy MAC’s Blue Brown Pigment. I like putting it on a small, crease brush and just concentrating it near my eye, using it like a soft eyeliner. It’s a duo-chrome pigment that at first is more blue but blends out into a coppery-brown. It’s beautiful and looks amazing when the sun hits it. It’s an interesting color with the blue and the brown, but it’s surprisingly wearable as well.

Since I don’t really wear heavy eye makeup, I like to play around with my blush colors. I really love NARS blushes, so when I saw a few of the products from the NARS x Guy Bourdin collection at 50% off, I had to pick up a blush. Day Dream is a really pretty, peachy color that’s similar to Deep Throat. Day Dream is a bit less shimmery, but otherwise, it’s pretty much the same thing. If you already have Deep Throat, I really see no reason to buy this, but since I have it in a palette, I thought it would be nice to have another similar color that I could use on the go. Plus, how can I pass up half-priced NARS?


Lipstick Swatches : Left YSL • Right Paul & Joe

For some reason, I’ve been eyeing up lipsticks these past few weeks. Maybe it’s the soon-to-be spring weather, but I’ve been loving sheer, bright pink lips. It’s so refreshing and pretty without being high-maintenence.

I’ve always wanted an adorable Paul & Joe lipstick, so I finally caved in and bought one. You have to buy the case and the lipstick refill separately, which I didn’t have much of a problem with. The horse print on the case is so pretty and I love the lipstick which I got in the color Rosebud. It’s one of their sheer lipstick formulas with a slightly shimmery, rosy finish and feels ultra-moisturizing on your lips. If you’re one who likes a bold lip, they also sell opaque, full-color formulas.

My friend has also been talking nonstop about YSL’s lip products so I couldn’t help but purchase one on my last visit to Sephora. At first, I bought one of their glossy stains but the weird, jelly texture was a bit too much for me. Plus, I felt like it was drying out my lips the more I used it. I returned it and instead bought a Volupte Sheer Candy in Succulent Pomegranate. True to it’s name, it’s a pomegranate-pink color that’s sheer and moisturizing. It’s a really easy color to wear and instantly brightens your complexion. I’ve been absolutely loving this color and formula and am definitely planning to buy more. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get my hands on another one in the airport Duty-Free shop when I go back home to Korea during the summer :)


• URBAN DECAY All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray • URBAN DECAY Melt Build Your Own Palette • URBAN DECAY Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy •

If any of you guys are Urban Decay fans, then you’ll know that they recently had a 20% off sale on all of their products. I’ve been wanting a couple items for a really long time so I took this opportunity and purchased a couple of things.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve used and finished a small bottle of the All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray and loved it. I really do feel like it makes a difference and helps keep my makeup looking better for longer. Plus, it also gets rid of any cakey-ness that I might have after powdering my face. I especially like it during the warmer months when I get more oily as it’s nice and cooling and keeps me looking fresh and matte.


Swatches : Glitter Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy (layered on and one swipe) • Melt • X • Half Baked • Smog

Inside the Palette : top left Melt • top right X + Half Baked • bottom right Smog

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Top 5 Lip Products for a Pretty Pout



I’m usually not one to be interested in lip products, but lately, I’ve been on an absolute lip craze. Pinks and corals – I just gotta have them all. Even if I do buy extremely pigmented and opaque colors, I usually sheer them out and wear a really natural lip. I think there’s something just so effortless about a tinted lip. Plus, it’s so easy and simple. Also, if there’s ever a day that I feel like wearing a bold lip, I can apply it from the tube and have a whole new look.

Here are my five top lip products that I’ve been loving lately. I think they’ll be perfect for the coming spring as well.


Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss – 52 Génie

I usually dislike the sticky feeling of lip glosses, but this one manages to feel really silky on my lips without fading away quickly. It is an extremely pigmented lip gloss that could be worn alone or over another lip product for an extra bit of shine. It’s a soft, apricot-coral color that doesn’t contain any shimmer whatsoever. I like to pair it over my Dior Lip glow for an extra hint of color on those days when I’m feeling a bit lackluster.

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Products I’ve Used Up – Empties #1

One of my goals right now is to stop buying unnecessary amounts of beauty products. Not only do I have way too many products to go through, but I also won’t have much room to take them back home with me when summer break comes around. So far, I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job at keeping my grubby little hands from grabbing everything in Sephora. Also, I’ve been doing a pretty amazing job (if I say so myself) at finishing up products before moving on to new ones. I have a tendency to open bottle after bottle, impatient to try out new things, but I’ve been controlling myself much better these past few weeks!

I’ve been able to accumulate a couple empty bottles and decided that it would be fun to share what I’ve been using. It’ll be like a mini review and empty bottle haul (sounds attractive, eh?) in one.


Urban Decay – All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

I really liked this product when I was using it during the warmer months. I have problems with keeping my makeup on as it always tends to slide around in the slightest heat and this makeup setting spray helped keep my makeup shine-free and looking great throughout the whole day. It’s not a product that I find necessary during the colder, drier months, but once spring and summer roll around, I’ll be getting a full sized bottle of this!


Urban Decay – B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray

During the holiday season, Sephora was giving out mini gifts with purchase and this was one of the small samples that I received during that time. It’s supposed to be a prep spray that you use on clean skin before moisturizer or makeup, but I felt like it didn’t do much at all. I know a lot of people love this product, so it might just be me, but I didn’t really see or feel a difference except for the slight cooling sensation it gave when I first sprayed it on. I used it because I received a sample for free, but I personally wouldn’t spend over thirty dollars on this.

(One quick tip: If you guys receive small, refillable bottles of sample products, then keep the bottles and you’ll always have something to decant your products into when you travel! Right now, I have some MAC Brush Cleanser in this spray bottle that I used when I traveled to California.)

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