My Favorite Winter Polishes

I find paintings my nails a really therapeutic process and every so often, I’ll bust out my polishes and give my nails a makeover. I’ve always liked having darker, richer shades on my nails so I’ve been absolutely loving painting my nails during these past few months.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

left to right: ESSIE After School Boy Blazer . Sew Psyched . Wrapped in Rubies . MARC JACOBS Gatsby . Petra

Currently, I’m absolutely obsessed with painting my nails with these polishes. They’re really easy to work with, aren’t streaky at all, dry quickly, and look beautiful on.

After School Boy Blazer is a gorgeous navy color that is definitely a true navy and not just a dark blue or black. It looks great on both short and long nails and is a perfect color for those that like ultra-deep tones.

Sew Psyched is an intense khaki that goes surprisingly well with any fall or winter outfit. This earthy tone is a unique neutral that could be worn on an everyday basis.

Wrapped in Rubies is the perfect color for the holidays. It’s a deep ruby with a gold glimmer running through it and I think it looks especially pretty and festive on shorter, rounded nails.

Marc Jacobs nail polish definitely deserves a round of applause. His polishes are extremely opaque, easy to apply, and dry in seconds.

Gatsby is a really unique nail polish that completely blew me away when I first tried it out. When applied and completely dried, this polish makes it seem as though you foiled your nails. It’s a beautiful pink-rose-champagne that looks phenomenal. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it and if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind nail polish, this is it.

Last, but most certainly not least is Petra. It’s really hard to describe this shade in words, but to put it simply, it’s a glittery coal-brown-mauve-silver. When this catches the light, it reflects a lot of different colors so it’s difficult to really give the color a name. This looks gorgeous on the nails but is a pain in the ass to remove. However, if you’re willing to put in extra effort, you cannot go wrong with this shade.


Here’s a song I’ve been repeating over and over these past few weeks

Lily Allen – Hard Out Here

You should probably lose some weight
‘Cause we can’t see your bones
You should probably fix your face
Or you’ll end up on your own


Toodles ♥


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