Coveting: Cobalt Blue Bags

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♡1 Givenchy Antigona Clutch in Royal ♡2 Givenchy Medium Antigona Tote in Blue Leather ♡3 Givenchy Mini Pandora Box Crossbody in Blue ♡4 Alexander Wang Diego in Bright Blue ♡5 Saint Laurent Monogram Crossbody Bag in Royal Blue ♡6 Small Lock Flap Bag in Blue China ♡7 Givenchy Mini Pepe Pandora Messenger in Blue ♡8 Alexander McQueen Heroine Crossbody in Blue/Ivory

If you know me in real life, then you’ll know I like to be surrounded by anything and everything mint-colored. Although I’m still absolutely obsessed with mint, I’ve found another love – cobalt blue.

I would love to be able to afford a super gorgeous blue bag, but for now, I’ll just lust after them. Givenchy makes bags in the most beautiful shade of cobalt blue. I’m especially loving the Mini Pandora Box! I’ve also been obsessed with Wang’s Diego bucket bag as well. I used to hate the weird shape, but I’ve become fond of it over the years. This season, he also came out with a pretty blush pink bucket bag <here> as well!

Are there any bags that you guys are currently coveting? Let me know below! I love staring at gorgeous bags and scratching at my computer screen ;)
I’m currently waiting for my flight at the airport, and I’ve been listening to this song nonstop for the past hour.

Bastille – Pompeii

But if you close your eyes,

Does it almost feel like

Nothing changed at all?

Toodles ♥


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